As the marijuana industry keeps on rapidly growing, users look for more ways to improve their experience. Though a couple of them have used cannabis as an approach to help counteract alcohol overconsumption, people who can enjoy both in moderation have found a combination of beer and weed to be a pairing worth trying. 

For those who don’t know, the hops in beer and cannabis are cousins. These plants have a lot of similarities when it comes to chemical and physical traits. Thus, it makes a lot of sense that they complement each other naturally.  

Today, we are going to share with you some tips on how to pair beer if you buy weed online Canada. 

Lagers and Pineapple Chunk 

One of the most-produced beers around the world is lagers. With lagers, yeast collects at the bottom of the tank during the process of fermentation. This produces a beer that is refreshing and crisp. The most well-known producers for lagers are Miller and Budweiser.  

Every beer drinker loves lager. Thus, it is ideal to choose a strain that provides a bit of everything. One excellent option is the Pineapple Chunk. You’ll get a lot of sweetness from the pineapple and you will pick up tones of cheese and skunk. Most of the time, pineapple chunks will even have a bit of CBD to help smooth out your experience.  

Pineapple chunk also provides a strong cerebral high, aside from making your body feel good. Overall, it is a great strain. 

Sour Beer Pairings 

Unlike lagers, not all beer drinkers like sour beers. However, if you love the taste of a fruity sour beer, then you should try pairing it with your preferred strain of bud. If you pair it with weed, one of the greatest effects that sour beers have is counteracting cottonmouth. Due to its sour flavor, it encourages salivation. Thus, you can avoid a dry mouth. This makes your cannabis experience a lot better.  

Pilsner Pairings 

Because of their lightness, a lot of people greatly appreciate pilsners as a type of beer. If you want to enjoy a refreshing and mild evening, try combining your next pilsner with a pinene terpenes strain. Strains such as Super Silver Haze make an excellent partner to any pilsner beer.  

Fruity Beer Pairings 

You can easily get a wonderful experience if you pair your limonene cannabis strain with beers brewed with fruit notes. Floral and tropical notes from the beer play off of the citrus character of limonene. Because of this, you’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t tried this combination before. If you’re planning to drink a fruit-infused beer, try to bring some Maui Waui with you.  

IPA Pairings 

This form of beer perfectly pairs with piney strains of weed due to the hops-heavy brewing of IPAs. One excellent option is the OG Kush. If you’re an enthusiast of the bitter back-end of IPA, you will enjoy drinking it if you complement it with a deeply-flavored cannabis strain with earthy tones. So, next time you’re rolling an OG Kush joint, try to pair it with an IPA drink.